CmdrTaco Q&A: 10 years of Slashdot

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| I spent a half hour talking Malda today, trying to plumb the secrets of how
| to get "Slashdotted" and to decipher Slashdot's effect on the technology
| world. In the process, it became clear that Slashdot has succeeded precisely
| because it exhibits the principles of successful open-source and Web 2.0
| companies, including an unyielding focus on the customer experience.


Slashdot Turns 10, Throws a Party

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| Slashdot was created in September of 1997 by Michigan-born Rob Malda while he
| was in college. "I combined my love of Linux and Technology with my abilities
| as a webmaster to produce a site that exploded in popularity," Malda writes
| on his personal Website.