France kicks off nationwide spam fight

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| France is ranked as the 10th worst country for generating spam, according to
| The Spamhaus Project, which publishes a list that can be used in e-mail
| servers to block known spamming IP addresses. The U.S. is the worst, followed
| by China, Russia and the U.K.


Microsoft-sponsored security symposium's cause brain damage, claims security

| In a revelation that will come as a surprise to many today, a
| security expert, who wishes to remain anonymous because he doesn't
| exist, claims that attending Microsoft sponsored events, such as
| the recent security symposium at Santa Clara University, can cause
| irreversible brain damage in the attendees, making them inclined to
| spout gibberish.
| Dave Cullinane, eBay's chief information and security officer, was
| the first victim to be diagnosed with the debilitating condition,
| by local medical practitioner - Dr. Fraud, and panic quickly
| ensued, causing various attending members of the press to become
| spontaneously affected.
| "It's a form of hysteria", said Dr. Fraud whilst scratching his
| testicles. "The pathology of this disease is fascinating, it
| appears to spread orally at first, but subsequently mutates into a
| form that can even travel along electronic pathways."
| Meanwhile there are rumours that the FDA and local law enforcement
| officials may be called in, to investigate an allegation that the
| epidemic was started deliberately by an unnamed Microsoft
| employee, a known carrier of the disease, who introduced the viral
| agent by urinating in the wine.
| Steve Blamer, Microsoft's CEO, was not available for comment at the
| time of publication.

Linux phishing botnet statistics can be deceptive

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| There are some problems with such assumptions based on that statement,
| however:
| 1. Each phishing site does not necessarily imply an individual machine...
| 2. A phishing site does not imply the box was rootkitted...
| 3. Phishing botnets that targeted Washington Mutual are by no means the
| sum total of phishing sites...
| 4. Phishing sites are not the same as botnet nodes. No, really — this is
| the biggest problem with the obvious assumptions here.

ToorCon ("Firefox security is a mess") sponsored by Microsoft

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| Lately, I read the headline: "Open Source browser Firefox is so
| critically flawed that it is impossible to fix, according to two
| hackers." Further on, in the ZDNet article I read: "The hackers claim
| they know of about 30 unpatched Firefox flaws. They don't plan to
| disclose them, instead holding onto the bugs."
| Since that sounds suspicious, I decided to start searching for
| connections with MS. Easy enough, here it is...