Giving Away Software For Free Costs More Than You Would Think (Part 3)

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| Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and all available software packages included in the
| software repositories would take over 7 BILLION dollars to re-write from the
| ground up. Don’t believe it? Remember, this number counts source code from
| projects such as Mozilla Firefox and which are behemoths in
| and of themselves.


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| A team of international researchers recently .. determined that
| current free/open source code base .. would cost .. over 12 billion
| Euros to reproduce

The Worth of Open Source? Open Question

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| MySQL, a fast-growing maker of database software used by some of the
| Internet's most recognized brands, is preparing to file for an initial public
| offering, perhaps as soon as late 2007. The offering could value the company
| at between $600 million and $1 billion, according to sources, and inject some *
| pep into a tech IPO market that's seen only a handful of successful offerings
| in the past year. Credit Suisse (CS) is a top contender to lead the
| underwriting of the transaction, BusinessWeek has learned. * *

Microsoft counts on Vista to recharge stagnant stock

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| There was a time in the 1990s when shares of Microsoft stock seemed to
| double every couple of years. 1996: college for the kids. 1998: a place
| on Whidbey. 1999: early retirement.
| Times have changed.

Commentary: Microsoft needs more than just buybacks to lift its shares

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| Microsoft shares, which have been dormant for the last few years,
| have been looking up over the last couple months. The Dow industrials
| component has gained about 20% since hitting a 4-year low of $21.46 o
| June 13.
| To help move things along, Microsoft not only launched a $40 billion
| stock repurchase program that lasts through 2011, the company also said
| its previously announced 4-year, $30 billion stock buyback program was
| completed in just 2 years.