Parsix GNU/Linux 0.90r2 has been released

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| An updated version of Parsix GNU/Linux 0.90 codename Barry has been released.
| Barry r2 merges all published updates from Parsix and Debian testing
| repositories as of Oct 3, 2007.

Already deployed in some schools in the country.


Parsix GNU/Linux 0.90r1 has been released

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| Highlights: GNOME 2.18.3, Linux kernel with CK and Suspend2 patches,
| read/write mode is default for NTFS partitions, improved hardware detection
| system and hard disk installer and replaced Totem with VLC. *

Parsix GNU/Linux 0.90r0 codename 'Barry' has been released

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| We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the most
| perfect version of Parsix GNU/Linux ever, 0.90r0 codename 'Barry'.
| This version brings the recent open source technologies bound into
| a quality live/installation CD-ROM right to your desktop/laptop PC.

Parsix 0.90 Test 3

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| The third test release of Parsix GNU/Linux 0.90 is now available. New in
| this LiveCD is GNOME 2.18.2, Sun Java replaced by GCJ, added the Parsix
| Book to the LiveCD, several bug fixes, glibc 2.5, and many other
| improvements.

Parsix GNU/Linux 0.85.1 Released

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| An updated version of Parsix GNU/Linux is available now. This version
| merges all published updates on the Parsix and Debian repositories
| since December 1, 2006 to Mar 1, 2007 into a rock solid collection
| and fixes all reported bugs.

Centers established to observe open source software copyright

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| The Deputy ICT Minister in Infrastructure IT Affairs added, "The
| expansion of open source software production is seen mainly as
| the activity of the country's universities and we intend to
| subdivide its various fields of activities among countries with
| IT faculties."

Science and Art Foundation's wonderful work in Bam

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| The classes started on 16th December 2006 and they began to
| learn about Sharif Linux. *This is an open source operating
| system, which enables Persian speakers to use the net
| effectively, as all the menus and help are in Persian.

34 Linux Persian Project plans operational on 10bn Rls budget

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| Manager of Linux Persian Project spoke here Monday of putting to use
| 34 plans of that project that were commissioned to firms through
| tender on an approximately ten billion rial ($900k) budget.

Farsi Linux for Children & Young Adults published

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| Sharif Farsi Linux for Children and Young Adults is designed for
| primary school and intermediate high school student.
| The software is designed based on an order by UNICEF and is cosponsored by
| the Sciences & Arts Foundation initially in a bid to be used by Bam
| children and young adults at that quake stricken city's schools.

National Linux Project halted again

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| He added, "Sales and training of National Operating System in the
| country in a bid to familiarize the users' society with it, is
| currently underway at nationwide level."
| Pointing out that taking effective advantage of open source software
| is in need of back up support and proper training, he reiterated,
| "Presently Tehran Technical Complex, Data Processing College, Iran
| Institute, and Sharif University's Advanced ICT Center have
| provided the arrangements for Linux and open text software
| training and side services."

ITRC's IT Research Center In Iran Moves To Linux

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| Prof. Dr. Hamid R. Rabiee, deputy for Development of Scientific
| Relations in Iran Telecommunication Research Center, announced
| during an interview with ILNA, that the project for FOSS migration
| has become operational.
| He insisted on the project's continiuity and pointed out that
| "Such projects need time and are ongoing by nature so anyone who
| is expexcting an end to the project is mistaken. The project's
| outputs are already substancial but it should carry on..."

TCI Min pursuing Persian Linux Project

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| Emphasizing that many of the main services of the ICT are Linux-based,
| he reiterated, "That ministry is determined to migrate towards Linux."
| Referring to the establishment of an infrastructure Software Work Group
| at the Secretariat of the ICT Ministry, he said, "This work group is
| established aimed at facilitating the migration of the ICT Ministry
| towards full usage of Linux."