Appro Signs Weapons Lab Supercomputer Deal

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| The $26 million agreement under the new TLCC (Tri-Lab Linux Capacity Cluster)
| program calls for Appro to provide eight rack-mounted clusters with aggregate
| peak performance of 437 teraflops and 96.8 aggregate terabytes of memory. A
| $15.8 million contract option could boost these totals to 620 teraflops and
| 143 terabytes of memory, an Appro spokesperson said.


Top 500 Supers: Moore's Law Is Alive and Well

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| There are two Windows-based clusters, and 42 machines that run a mix
| of operating systems--and one of those operating systems in the mix is
| always a Linux and the other is a variant of Unix. If you want to be
| fair, Linux is represented on 86 percent of the machines...