Run your own home-entertainment server with Linux and MythTV: we show you how.

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| So, this article will be about running a home-entertainment server, using
| Ubuntu GNU/Linux at its core, with TV functionality from the powerful MythTV
| project. Above all, this project will be about interoperability - not every
| household runs an all-Linux setup, so we'll be looking at multiple ways to
| enjoy your server's functions without needing to replace every OS in the
| house. If you have no interest in some of the extra functionality, there are
| a number of alternative GNU/Linux distributions available which are
| MythTV-specific, such as Mythbuntu or KnoppMyth. However, for this more
| general project, I've decided to stick with a "normal" desktop distribution.


Ex-MS security guru to dump Media Center for Linux?

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| Veteran Microsoft security expert, Jesper Johansson, says he may dump
| Microsoft's Windows Media Center in favour of Ubuntu-affiliated LinuxMCE
| after struggling with Redmond's DRM (Digital Rights Management) software. *

LinuxMCE 0704 Released

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| "LinuxMCE 0704 is a major improvement over the original 1.0 release.
| According to a poll, 86% now report LinuxMCE installs and starts up without
| problems, versus 27% with the original release. *

Linux Media Center PCs Review Roundup

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| LinuxMCE vs. MythTV. LinuxMCE is the most amazing thing to come out of the
| multimedia world on any platform, period. But try finding an OEM carrier that
| will sell this amazing product to you, pre-installed. You won't find many.
| While the big box stores choose to sell the ever-lame Windows MCE, one
| provider had the guts to step into the ring and truly provide us with a
| viable Linux media appliance suitable for our living rooms. MythTV, while not
| as 'flash-bang-pretty' as LinuxMCE, has been around long enough to find
| itself in the position of being a solid, long-term project with some
| fantastic user and developer support.