Heroes of Linux and FOSS: Ken Starks, AKA Helios

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| This seems like a good time for a Ken Starks retrospective. This is the man
| who, despite some rather gnarly health problems churns out blog entries and
| interesting Linux projects by the truckload.


Another 'Linux hero' (see below)

Avoiding a Computer Wasteland

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| Out with the old PC—companies should look to professional refurbishers to
| recycle wares in a safe, environmentally friendly, socially conscious way


Help spread the word about Ubuntu



Major Linux Hardware Donor Is a CNN "Hero"

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| Burgett's filmed interview is currently leading a CNN contest among videos
| of 'ordinary people' whom CNN considers everyday heroes, narrowly edging out
| the video of a man who is saving gorillas from extinction. Â*
| [...]
| Reader stefanlasiewski posted a journal article describing how,
| bewilderingly, the state of California is threatening to shut down Burgett's


16,000 Linux computers delivered - for free

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| With his non-profit organization called Alameda County Computer Resource
| Center, he built up a volunteer organization, collects donated stuff from the
| companies who provide them, strips any proprietary OS and software off the
| drives, re-installs everything with Linux and free applications, and then
| gives them to schools or other not-for-profit organizations or individuals
| without too much cash. Â*
| A great man with a great mission. CNN called him a hero already.