Business chambers urged to go for FOSS

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| A United Nation's-funded organization advocating the development and use of
| the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in the country is tapping business
| groups in Mindanao to help promote it across the island.


Kubuntu Takes Over the Canary Islands

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| The Canary Islands have two derivatives of Kubuntu, one which is being
| installed in all their schools and one used by the largest university.


mEDUXa 1.0 Ready to Take Over the Canary Islands

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| The Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Spanish Canary
| Island's regional goverment have released mEDUXa 1.0. mEDUXa is a
| Free Software GNU/Linux distribution developed for educational
| purposes based on Kubuntu. It will be deployed on 35,000 computers in
| 1100 schools, which represents 325,000 possible users (25,000 teachers
| and 300,000 students) in the Canary Islands state schools.