OpenOffice vs. Lotus Symphony

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| Given that is more fully-featured, makes few hardware demands
| and is under a free license, replacing it with Symphony seems pointless.

Sweet Symphony is out of tune with OOo

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| Overall, Symphony is a more usable In fact, for a casual,
| first-time user, Lotus Symphony is nothing like It flawlessly
| renders complex documents created with Microsoft Office, correctly
| identifying all comments and their authors, tracking all changes, and
| importing and implementing styles.
| [...]
| But while IBM might be taking the format war to Microsoft with Lotus
| Symphony, it's doing so in the worst possible manner for


Free IBM Software Is Bid to Challenge Microsoft Office

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| The IBM package, called Symphony, can be downloaded free of charge. The home
| edition of Microsoft's Office lists for $120 on Internet retail sites. IBM
| will also give away the Symphony software to customers who buy the latest
| version of its Notes collaboration software, which costs $145 per user. *

IBM to lift lid on its OpenOffice plans next week

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| It’s not in the plan for OpenOffice 3.0 or future versions of the open source
| desktop, said John McCreesh, Marketing Project Lead of, in an
| e-mail exchange. *
| “There’s nothing about that in the IBM statement,” McCreesh said, referring
| to the possibility of contributing Notes colaboartion code to the open source
| projects. “It’s not in the roadmap. It’s much more likely that we would do
| co-operative work with one or more open-source email client projects to
| integrate more closely with their software.” * *