OpenSUSE Linux 10.3 Review

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| While OpenSUSE 10.3 is a robust and stable distro, I feel that Novell is
| throwing in “the bleeding edge” as a test platform for SLED. Instead of
| pushing new software, the team should focus on improving YaST which indeed
| has new gnome-like icons but inside it’s the same stiff control center. On
| the other hand, I am really impressed with the hardware compatibility, the
| only peripheral that didn’t work out of the box is the webcam. I’m also happy
| to see that the fonts have improved since the last release. It’s defenately
| the best looking linux distribution out there. To sum it up, OpenSUSE 10.3 is
| just like a luxurious car: beautiful and powerful but uses lots of gas.

ReviewLinux.Com: First Look openSUSE 10.3 i386 DVD

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| openSUSE 10.3 was released today October 4, 2007 and I am going to take a
| First Look at this Linux OS. It's GNOME desktop is what I installed off the
| DVD and I have a few pictures plus a short flash video of the desktop.

openSUSE 10.3 [screenshots]

Fedora 8 Test 3 [Screenshots]

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| There's still a month until the final release of Fedora 8, but Fedora 8 Test
| 3 is now available, which has a wealth of a new features. Among these new
| features is an Online Desktop powered via BigBoard, KDE 3.5.7 can be found on
| the KDE Live images, improved Live installations, improved yum performance
| for package management, IcedTea is now installed by default, CodecBuddy has
| been included for handling codecs, and improved power management.


openSUSE 10.3 Screenshots

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| I’ve installed openSUSE 10.3 GNOME Edition. It includes Linux Kernel 2.6.22,
| GNOME 2.20, Compiz Fusion 0.54, 2.3, GIMP 2.2.17, Firefox *
|, Pidgin 2.1.1, and so on. The following are some screenshots of
| openSUSE 10.3. *

Announcing Fedora 8 Test 3 (7.92)!

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| Fedora 8 Test 3 is here! This is the last test release before the
| development freeze and a great time to test all those packages that you
| know and love.