Zoho beats Google, Microsoft with hosted database app

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| As competition in the hosted applications market heats up between industry
| giants Google and Microsoft, a much smaller player, Zoho, has pipped them
| both to to post with the launch of a hosted database application, Zoho DB.



Microsoft takes Office online - sort of

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| "But a Word or Excel document in the online workspace can be edited only if
| the user has bought Microsoft's Word or Excel software. 'The ideal case is
| where a person has Office,' said Rajesh Jha, a vice president for Microsoft
| Office Live products."


Microsoft Office Live migration is adding insult to injury

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| On January 29, Microsoft posted to the Office Live blog a status update
| re: the migration. The news isn't good.
| Office Live logoBeta testers are still potentially "months" away fromb
| eing migrated to the final version of their Office Live services.
| Functionality like backup and restore isn't going to work until
| their accounts are migrated. And Microsoft will give testers only
| a 24-hour heads-up when they are set to be migrated. During that
| 24-hour period, users won't be able to make changes to their
| Office Live sites.


Office Live: Better Off Dead?

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| Last month I killed Office Live in an act of self defense, after
| repeated access problems and attempts to move my domain to another
| registrar. Judging from the comments to that post, there's an Office
| Live killing spree going on. Not surprisingly, Microsoft wants to put
| an end to the wanton killing.


Microsoft faces Office Live lawsuit

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| A company called Office Live said Friday it has filed a
| trademark infringement lawsuit against Microsoft over the
| software giant's use of "Office Live" for its on-demand
| productivity tools.


Ozzie: Vista, Office must adapt to Web era

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| Ozzie said that the transition to integrate online services into Microsoft
| products has been a challenge but that changes within the company are
| happening.


Will Web 2.0 ultimately kill Windows?

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| *Allchin shared his thoughts on Windows Live (which, along with Windows and
| developer tools also falls under his organization); competition with Google
| and Apple; and why a client-based version of Windows won?t ever completely
| disappear, regardless of how successful Web services become.


Google manager: Google Apps replaced Microsoft Office at 100,000 businesses

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| Google's newly released online productivity suite Google Apps has
| already replaced Microsoft Office at more than 100,000 small to
| medium enterprises and has been deployed at two of the largest
| companies in the world, according to the search leader's
| enterprise product boss.


Dumping Office for Google Apps

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| Google has a friend in Disney, and that could leave Microsoft screaming
| like a jilted lover.


Google Apps Catches Flak

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| Microsoft is launching an anti-Google propaganda campaign.


Microsoft Retaliates With 10 Reasons Not To Use Google Apps

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| This, of course, brought Google even closer to rivaling Microsoft's Office
| suite, which has now spurred a reaction from the Redmond software giant.
| No, its not new software or updates for the popular productivity suite, but
| rather Microsoft's own reasoning on why businesses should NOT use Google
| Apps. *