I want to use kdump on SLES 10(SP1), i've done the following works to make it work:
1. install kdump rpms
2. turn on several kernel CONFIG_ following kdump documentation in kernel/Documentation/kdump/kdump.txt, and build a new kernel for using kdump
3. configure the kdump to work for my system.

But then i'm stuck by the problem, kdump can't load the 2nd kernel image by using kexec, in system log it says:

kdump[2754]: FAILED to load kdump kernel: /sbin/kexec -p /boot/vmlinuz- --append="CRASH=1 root=/dev/sda2 resume=/ dev/sda1 elevator=deadline sysrq=1 reset_devices irqpoll maxcpus=1 1" --initrd=/boot/initrd- , Result: BzImage is not relocatable. Can't be used as capture kernel. Cannot load /boot/vmlinuz-

Does anyone has idea how i can fix this?

How could i make a relocatable kernel, except for patching the kernel with some relocate-enable code?