The macro __init used in function 'init_thread_xstate' is not
appropriate. It should be __cpuinit , because it's been called from
__cpuinit functions several times ( I myself found twice, once from
'cpu_init' and other is from 'fpu_init'). Thus produces the following

WARNING: arch/x86/kernel/built-in.o(.cpuinit.text+0x2237): Section
mismatch in reference from the function cpu_init() to the function
The function __cpuinit cpu_init() references
a function __init init_thread_xstate().
If init_thread_xstate is only used by cpu_init then
annotate init_thread_xstate with a matching annotation.

This patch fixes the above warning. If anything else please notice.

Signed-off-by: Rakib Mullick

--- linux-2.6-orig/arch/x86/kernel/i387.c 2008-11-10 13:28:17.000000000 +0600
+++ linux-2.6/arch/x86/kernel/i387.c 2008-11-10 23:35:09.000000000 +0600
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ void __cpuinit mxcsr_feature_mask_init(v

-void __init init_thread_xstate(void)
+void __cpuinit init_thread_xstate(void)
if (!HAVE_HWFP) {
xstate_size = sizeof(struct i387_soft_struct);
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