On 11/10/2008 10:04 AM, Christof Kälin wrote:
> Hi
> As a newbie, I just saw your email in the source-file when I was looking
> into the sources of hid-apple.c to find my mighty mouse somewhere:
> /* Apple wireless Mighty Mouse */
> According to hid-ids.h, the ID 0x030c is a TDK mighty mouse. On my
> Alu-iMac (last year edition), it's a Apple's owned mighty mouse (vendor
> 0x05ac, ID 0x1000), which is not currently listed in hid-ids.h. My
> mighty mouse anyway runs o.k. with the "wrong" ID, but since the start
> withouth the mouse-wheel.
> It did not help when I changed the ID's accordingly. So my question is:
> Is there anything to be done in bluetooth driver area too to get this
> mighty mouse fully supported (some quirks needed)?
> Sorry for my annoying questions.
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions and best regards

I guess, they map Z axis to be a wheel instead a wheel be a wheel like in the
0x030c case.

Could you add
.driver_data = APPLE_MIGHTYMOUSE }
there and
to hid_blacklist in drivers/hid/hid-core.c and try? If the wheel is inverted
with your device, then you need also APPLE_INVERT_HWHEEL aswell.

recompiling the kernel for testing such things>
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