From: "Max Dmitrichenko"
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 16:09:48 +0300

Please post sparc patches to the sparclinux mailing list,

> There is a problem discovered in recent versions of ATI Mach64 driver
> in on sparc64 architecture. In short, the driver fails to mmap
> MMIO aperture (PCI resource #2).
> I've found that kernel's __pci_mmap_make_offset() returns EINVAL. It
> checks whether user attempts to mmap more than the resource length,
> which is 0x1000 bytes in our case. But PAGE_SIZE on SPARC64 is 0x2000
> and this is what actually is being mmaped. So __pci_mmap_make_offset()
> failed for this PCI resource.
> Signed-off-by: Max Dmitrichenko
> Code seems to be rather old. At least it was the same in 2.6.24. I
> have no explanation why this bug exposed only now. May be before
> used to use some other method to mmap PCI resource into userspace (now
> it uses libpciaccess).
> The patch is against 2.6.26. Greg, please consider to include it into
> the stable trees.

No, the sparc maintainer (that's me) will submit this patch to -stable
if it is correct and appropriate.
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