Hi everyone,

I'm handing over the maintainership of rt-tests (cyclictest,
signaltest, pi_stress) to Clark Williams.

rt-tests started with cyclictest, a test program I wrote for
validating the high resolution timers implementation. In hindsight I'm
still surprised that cyclictest became a defacto standard for
benchmarking preempt-rt, but on the technical side it's quite clear as
it tests the whole chain: interrupt -> wakeup -> scheduler ->

I never expected that cyclictest might ship with distros and I'm very
grateful to all the people who contributed and helped to bring it and
the whole rt-tests package into shape. I know that I'm a lousy user
space programmer

@Clark, thanks for taking over. It takes away my permanent guilty
conscience of not caring about rt-tests enough.

@all, please support Clark with his new project as you supported
me. Thanks for all the support and help again !



P.S.: If you really need to add autocrap^H^H^H^Htools please do it in
a way so I still can hack on it
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