at first: no, I didn't brick my thinkpad x61 :-)

But: I have severe problems since 2.6.26 (jes) kernel: textmode consoles doesn't
work most(!) of the time, sometimes the notebook crashes on boot, displaying
garbage. The 2.6.24/xen kernel from ubuntu doesn't work with X, too.
Suspend/resume doesn't work anymore with the 2.6.26/27 kernel, too (garbage on
Its a x3100 chipset with 4GB ram, I don't use a highmem-kernel, so I've only 3
GB. Perhaps something with mem sharing between kernel/X/chipset?
Ah, and the pen doesn't work most of the time, with wacdump I get many bit
errors. The resolution is 1400x1050, sometimes I boot into Vista.

I'm using ubuntu 8.10.

Hopefully this informations help to get a more complete puzzle. Even more
information are on my bug reports, https://bugs.launchpad.net/~michael-fritscher
Perhaps most of them are connected each other and to this e1000 problem, like
memory layout mismatch between kernel/X/chipset.

Michaek Fritscher

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