Rakib Mullick wrote:
> Hello guys, this patch removes an extra checking over 'cs' in
> functions 'guarantee_online_cpus' and 'guarantee_online_mems'.
> Thanks.
> Signed-off-by: Md.Rakib H. Mullick (rakib.mullick@gmail.com)

I'd have to NAK this one as well. 2-reasons:
1) Your patch is guaranteed to generate a NULL pointer dereference at
some point. You keep using cs; and assigning cs = cs->parent in the
loop, at some point you may end up at the TOP of the tree where
cs->parent == NULL.
2) The change breaks the actual meaning of the code. Which is
suggesting my the short snippet, find an entry (while loop)... if the
entry is found (if cs test), do this otherwise BUG out. Your code is
saying, if cs is not NULL initially... find someplace then do something.
The function never BUGS out unless someone calls with cs NULL initially.

James Kosin

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