Dear All,

The Linux Test Project test suite has been released for the month of
JULY 2008. The latest version of the test-suite contains 3000+ tests
for the Linux OS and can be found at
Latest happenings in LTP can also be found at:,, and,
IRC: #ltp.

JULY 2008 Highlights:
* Addition of io_destroy(), io_getevents(), io_setup() & io_submit()
* Addition of IO-throttle Controllers test, paving the way for launching
of ltp-mm tree,
* GCOV Patches for Kernel 2.6.26,
* Update to OpenHPI 2.12.0,
* Addition of move_pages() tests,
* SELinux tests fix,
* Memory tests fix,
* Filecaps tests fix,
* LTP-AIO fix,
* Hackbench compilation fix,
* Realtime tests fix, etc,

JULY 2008 LTP Contributors:
* Junjiro Okajima,
* Craig Meier,
* Stephen Smalley,
* Masatake YAMATO,
* Peter Oberparleiter,
* Ramon de Carvalho Valle,
* Matt Fleming,
* Serge Hallyn,
* Andrea Righi,
* Shi Weihua,
* Edjunior Barbosa Machado,
* Gilles Carry,
* Vijay Kumar B,
* Veerendra Chandrappa,

Note(s) from the Maintainer:

I participated in OLS 2008. I was exited to meet lot of people from the
community and know their personal opinion about LTP. I patiently heard
improvements to be done in LTP and the course of actions we need to
take. I will shortly start those discussions on the mailing lists. I was
happy to hear that people were happy that the project is active and
kicking. The immediate challenge before us is to increase that pace and
make it more effective, which i hope we will be able to achieve over a
period of time.

Our web site also contains other information such as:
- A Linux test tools matrix
- Technical papers
- How To's on Linux testing
- Code coverage analysis tool.

We would encourage the community to post results to,
patches, new tests, bugs or comments/questions to,
(for New Bug(s)),
(for New Patch(s)),
(for New Feature Request(s))

Please also see the Change Log Attached (JULY 2008) for detailed

Happy testing,