Thanks again for the reviews. Not much changed since version 4,
just addressed a few more concerns raised by Miklos and Marcin.

These patches 1-8 add the Optimized MPEG Filesystem, a proprietary
filesystem used by the embedded devices Rio Karma and ReplayTV,
which are no longer manufactured. This filesystem module enables
people to access files on these devices.

version 5:
- fix buffer leak in omfs_fill_super
- fix inode leak in omfs_create/_mkdir, and combine them
- switch to bitmap_weight instead of repeated hweight64()
- switch to get_bitmask_order instead of open-coded version
- clean up some error branching & label names

version 4:
- rebased against 2.6.25-mm1
- converted prepare/commit_write to write_begin/_end
- killed leaks in the error paths of inode.c and dir.c
- split out data structures from omfs.h into omfs_fs.h
- dropped checksum.c and moved its method into inode.c
- added sanity checks on block numbers read from superblock
- added missing rename implementation
- added uid/umask mount options
- documented the basic FS usage & updated MAINTAINERS

version 3:
- fixed sparse warnings
- added more sanity checking in list traversals

version 2:
- removed private inode cache
- included GPL v2 notice
- rewrote omfs_count_free to use hamming weight library functions
- removed duplicated crc-itu-t

Version 1: initial post

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