maybe cowloop ? ( )

there is also appropriate feature in mainline (device-mapper snapshots, see Documentation/device-mapper/snapshot.txt )

maybe the thread at is worth taking a look.


List: linux-kernel
Subject: Sparse file question for data recovery
From: "Janos Haar"
Date: 2008-04-19 22:15:15
Message-ID: 09eb01c8a26a$dbf5eee0$0404a8c0 () dcccs
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Hello list,

It is a way to use sparse files (or sg. else) to try to recover some big
block device when it is readonly?

I mean the original device is marked readonly, and only the changes are
saved for the sparse file.
This is useful if i want to only try to repair corrupted (or miss-assembled)
raid arrays, image from damaged hdd, etc...

Like only save the "undo" information independently from the repairing

I only know that with nbd-server, but i wish to use a simple local solution.

Somebody have an idea? :-)


Janos Haar

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