Willy Tarreau wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 05, 2007 at 10:41:52AM +0200, Xose Vazquez Perez wrote:

sorry, a bit old...

>> time to release a final 2.2.27 and close the
>> 2.2 tree ???
>> The latest 2.2 version : 2.2.26 2004-02-25 00:28 UTC
>> The latest prepatch 2.2 : 2.2.27-rc2 2005-01-12 23:55 UTC

> No, I think it would dupe users into thinking that 2.2.27 is up to date,
> while it would have missed a lot of security fixes. At least in the
> current situation, people tend not to trust it. It's rather sad that it
> ended that way, I've been happily putting it everywhere for a long time
> when I was telling everyone that 2.4 was an unreliable crap. I hope I
> will never set the same fate to 2.4 :-/
> If you're looking for updates for 2.2, you should take a look at OWL
> and PAX patches, both of those tend to include many security fixes,
> maybe they're still up to date, but I would doubt about that now.

no thanks, 2.2 looks like dead since a long time ago.

IMHO 2.2 info *must* be deleted from kernel.org _main_ page.


so much to do, so little time.
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