Maxim Shchetynin wrote:

> +config AZ_FS
> + tristate "AZFS filesystem support"
> + default m

STRONG NACK, I hate digging in the menu tree and hunting for things I
don't need.

> + help
> + Non-buffered filesystem for block devices with a gendisk and
> + with direct_access() method in gendisk->fops.
> + AZFS does not buffer outgoing traffic and is doing no read
> ahead.
> + AZFS uses block-size and sector-size provided by block
> device
> + and gendisk's queue. Though mmap() method is available only
> if
> + block-size equals to or is greater than system page size.

What is the benefit or intended use of this filesystem? Will your intended
user say "gendisk->fops->direct_access? I wanted to use it all my life"?

AZFZ seems to be an acronym. AirZound File System?

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