I've just released Linux 2.4.36-rc1.

It fixes several vulnerabilities, some of them discovered in 2.6.
Among them, we find 2 ISDN overflows, one case of insufficient
permissions checking on core dumps, the ability for a process to
escape ptrace-based syscall policy checking, and the possibility
for a specially crafted ELF binary to bypass the recently added
restrictions on the minimum MMAP address.

Due to several reports of mis-compilations with GCC 4.2, I have
explicitly disabled its use with an explicit message.

I got one report from Krzysztof Strasburger of a good old 386 not
booting anymore due to a misplaced "HAS_TSC" in the config. His
fix made perfect sense and looked good, but please complain if you
notice a related problem on old hardware.

It was also not possible to build for ia32 on x86_64 due to a
recent vulnerability fix in which an update to the size of the
instruction was missing (cmpl -> cmpq).

I'm still planning on releasing 2.4.36 around the end of the year
(eg: last week-end), if nothing new is discovered since. If new
fixes are merged by that time, I may delay it a little bit to the
beginning of January.

Please test it, beat it and report any problems (build or bugs).

The patch and changelog will appear soon at the following locations:

Git repository:

Git repository through the gitweb interface:



Summary of changes from v2.4.36-pre2 to v2.4.36-rc1

Jonas Danielsson (1):
net/ipv4/arp.c: Fix arp reply when sender ip 0

Krzysztof Strasburger (1):
fix arch/i386/config.in to be able to boot on 386

Pete Zaitcev (1):
usb: Move linux-usb-devel

Willy Tarreau (8):
GCC >= 4.2 miscompiles the kernel
prevent do_brk() from allocating below mmap_min_addr
fix build of ia32entry.S on x86_64
vfs: coredumping fix
isdn: avoid copying overly-long strings
prevent SIGCONT from waking up a PTRACED process (CVE-2007-4774)
isdn: fix isdn_ioctl memory overrun vulnerability
Change VERSION to 2.4.36-rc1

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