Rogelio M. Serrano Jr. wrote:
> Dr. David Alan Gilbert wrote:

>> Allowing a user to tweak (under constraints) their settings might allow
>> them to do something like create two mozilla profiles which are isolated
>> from each other, so that the profile they use for general web surfing
>> is isolated from the one they use for online banking.

> Doesnt this allow the user to shoot their own foot? The exact thing
> mandatory access control are supposed to prevent?

cat `which mozilla` > ~/bin/mymozilla; chmod +x ~/bin/mozilla; mymozilla

Unless you lock down the system to a state where it's barely usable, MAC
isn't going to protect you from shooting your own feet. But having more
restricted roles and a safe way of activating them (as in "damn obvious
if or if not this role is active"), you can have e.g. one mozilla for
banking and one for pr0n.

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