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Subject: b43legacy maintainer needed
Date: Tuesday 23 October 2007
From: Larry Finger
To: Broadcom Linux

As you have seen in a previous E-mail, I have resigned as maintainer of bcm43xx and b43legacy. No
replacement will be needed for bcm43xx as it will not be in the kernel much longer.

The effort required to maintain b43legacy should be minimal. For the past several months, most of
what I have done is take b43 patches written by Michael Buesch and port them to b43legacy.

Besides the obvious programming experience, the maintainer should have a BCM4306/2 card. If you have
a laptop with a PCMCIA slot, I have an extra Linksys WPC54G with that chip that you could have.

If you are interested, please write to me.




Greetings Michael.
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