Linus, is there a preferred name to refer to the kernel version in your tree
after 2.6.23 is out (and the official 2.6.23.y git was created) but before
you release 2.6.24-rc1? I've seen online references to it as "2.6.24",
"2.6.24++", "2.6.24-rc0", etc. Since your top-level Makefile still says
"2.6.23", it is sometimes a bit confusing when one is testing code against
your tree as well as the previously released stable kernel. I usually will
stick a localversion file in my cloned copy of your tree, saying
"2.6.24-pre-rc" or so. Perhaps you can come up with a definitive name for
this "limbo" state and put it in your Makefile?

Anyway, 'tis just a minor quibble (which I hope won't start yet another
major "naming" flame war :-0

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