In message , Linus Torvalds writes:

> On Sat, 20 Oct 2007, Erez Zadok wrote:


> - if you are a git user, and got it that way, just use the git name, and
> use "git describe" to get it.
> So my current head is called "v2.6.23-6562-g8add244" which tells you
> three things:
> (a) it's based on 2.6.23
> (b) there's been 6562 commits since 2.6.23
> (c) the top-of-tree abbreviated commit is "8add244".

Bingo. git-describe is what I was looking for. It's more accurate to use
as a reference even after rcN come out. My current cloned tree of yours


One more small git question: I keep a separate tree for unionfs, which I
rebase often based on your tree. But my tree sez:

$ git-describe

"v2.6.21-rc1"? What am I missing (some tags I forgot to pull?) Why isn't
git-describe saying that I'm based on your latest tree?

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