I'am the developer of the subset of Linux API on windows.

Pretty much all system calls were "wrapped" up to the the latest
kernel native AIO support.

While compiling/running test program natively on Linux
I've got hit by undocumented limitations of AIO system:

* aio support only for files opened with O_DIRECT
* alignment issues/data sizes for O_DIRECT-opened files
* special cases like extending file, reading meatadata
also seem to block.

I was glad to find out that a work was done to overcome this:

The only thing that concerns me is that the 2007 year
patches are all against release candidates, and the latest
one was released more than 7 months ago.

So I'am looking for the status update.

Any current plans/interest to finally include this in latest

Or this was taken down in favour of servlets?


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