>>>>> "bbense" == Booker C Bense writes:

bbense> I did a clean slate and configured 1.6.1 with

bbense> ./configure --prefix=/afs/slac.stanford.edu/package/krb5/1.6.1/sun4x_59

bbense> and got the same error. I then poked around in config/shlib.conf and
bbense> as near as I can tell it will never do the right thing with solaris
bbense> and gcc.

bbense> *-*-solaris*)
bbense> if test "$krb5_cv_prog_gcc" = yes; then
bbense> PICFLAGS=-fPIC
bbense> LDCOMBINE='$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -shared -h $(LIBPREFIX)$
bbense> else

bbense> Changing the -h to -Wl,-h,$(LIBPREFIX)$(LIBBASE)$(SHLIBSEXT), seems
bbense> to have fixed the problem.

Oh. I think all of the versions of GCC I've worked with on Solaris
have known to pass "-h" to the linker unchanged. I'm curious to know
how GCC was built so that it didn't know about passing "-h" to the

Please feel free to submit a bug report with your shlib.conf patch.