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Well, Larry, I'm with you when it comes to trying to decipher many of those individual task names in the Windows Task Manager list. Some are obvious, but others are as foreign as they get. But hey, no worries, because as long as your best friend on the Web is a search engine, you're more than likely to get an answer to what those foreign-looking tasks are just by searching by task names. Your other option, of course, is to turn to your other best friends--your fellow members here--who have graciously helped out by submitting recommendations to you in this week's discussion thread. Here are a few to start you off, but don't stop there--read on, as you'll find not only great advice, but also a number of great Web sites that list all those tasks. I've even picked up a few recommended sites that I wasn't aware of. Hopefully, by reading these answers, those foreign tasks will all make sense to you. Good luck! Thank you, each and every one of you, for taking the time to stop by an!
d lend a hand to help another! Have a splendid weekend!

Lee Koo
Manager, CNET community

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