Dear List,

I am having trouble getting the above configuration to perform integrated
logon on a Windows 2003 Terminal server. The exact configuration is:
- Samba 3.0.24 acting as Primary/Backup Domain Controller
- Windows 2003 server as domain member
- heimdal KDC with LDAP database backend
Whenever a user tries to login to a terminal server session, I get an
error message "Credential cache I/O failed: XXX". After being logged in,
obtaining tickets and AFS token works fine. However, integrated login
works for the same user if she is logging in to the server console
session, so I think there must be a permissions problem somewhere. I have
tried to ask this also on the OpenAFS side, this is what Jeff Altman said:

I would greatly appreciate any hint on how to debug and fix this problem.


Volkmar Glauche
Department of Neurology
Universitaetsklinikum Freiburg Phone 49(0)761-270-5331
Breisacher Str. 64 Fax 49(0)761-270-5416
79106 Freiburg
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