I am trying to run the sserver and sclient program on the fedora linux
machine, on which i have configured the kerberos krb5-1.6 source code.

Steps followed by me are:-

1. Configured the KDC, and created the entried for the principal as per the
mit installation guide.
2. Able to get the TGT , with the kinit for the principal created.
3. After this TGT, i tried to run the sserver program as below

../sserver -p port -s service name -S keytab file

I have create the service principal with "addprinc service name/domain
name@realm specified krb5.conf file.

but when i run the sclient as below

../sclient hostname port service name

I am getting the error message in krb5kdc log file as "wrong principal in

Please provide me information to run these programs

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