Hi all

I installed a KDC named ker1.eab.com.vn successfully with krb5-1.6 version, then I add a principal named hung@EAB.COM.VN. These above step go through smoothly, but there is a trouble when I change password for hung@EAB.COM.VN.

Password for hung@EAB.COM.VN:
Enter new password: :
Enter it again: :
kpasswd: Connection timed out changing password

After that I come to Window OS computer, and install kfw-3.2 in it. I get the ticket for hungtt@EAB.COM.VN, and change the password. This software show me following error :
"requested protocol version not supported"

The same action on other Linux client, and another error :
"requested protocol version not supported changing password"

It take a lot of time for me to search Internet without any good result. Please help me find out this problem.

Thank you very much
Hung Ta
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