Am using kadmin.local / kadmin to remove an entry from my keytab but
everytime I do so - I get a hang after I specify ktremove.

Used gdb to look at the location of the hang - its in
__KerberosInternal_krb5_lock_file @lock_file.c:111

using gdb I could figure out that it was trying to get an Exclusive lock but
couldnt figure out on which file.
bt showed -

0x905b5d44 in fcntl$NOCANCEL$UNIX2003 ()
#1 0x2006fe18 in __KerberosInternal_krb5_lock_file (context= optimized out>, fd=5, mode=) at
#2 0x2004d2e4 in krb5_ktfileint_open (context=0x805600, id=0x30ad60,
mode=2) at /Sources/lib/krb5/keytab/kt_file.c:1076
#3 0x2004eec0 in krb5_ktfile_remove (context=,
id=, entry=0xbffff848, id=,
context=) at /Sources/lib/krb5/keytab/kt_file.c:1125
#4 0x00007984 in kadmin_keytab_remove (argc=,
argv=, kvno_str=,
princ_str=0xbffffba7 "keyName", keytab=0x30ad60, keytab_str=0x30a210
"WRFILE:keytabFileName") at /Sources/kadmin/cli/keytab.c:410
#5 0x00008154 in check_request_table (rqtbl=, argc=5,
argv=0x301d40, sci_idx=1) at /Sources/util/ss/execute_cmd.c:89

Can anyone help me here? Would like to know which file is ktremove trying to
get a lock on

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