Hail Kerberites,

I have a question about how to go about solving a problem with Kerberos,
I'm developing a server for which I want to use Kerberos to do
pre-authentication likely with an Active Directory KDC. That is, my
server will have a set of credentials (name/password/domain) for a user
and I would like to have an api call which takes the credentials and a
realm/principal/kdc or whatever else I need and simply says, yes that's
good or no that's bad. In other words, something similar to kinit but I
don't need the ticket, I just want to know if the credentials are valid
so that I can go ahead and do some other processing.

The server is running on Windows; I've managed to build the general
Kerberos 5-1.4 release under cygwin and it works quite nicely. Then I
noticed that kfw-3.1 does have an sdk and I thought that might be useful
for my problem but I'm having trouble building it; KFW3.1 seems to run
into errors in awk trying to construct the *_err.h files; each of the
awk commands spews binary garbage (they each spew the same thing if that
helps) and an error window comes up with "16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem" (!)
as the title and a message that mames the pl file and says "The NTVDM
CPU has encountered an illegal instruction. CS:0000 IP:fff4 OP:00 00 00
00 00 Chose 'close' to terminate the application." (Needless to say my
cpu is x86.) As well, the perl file seems to be ignoring the command
line options, I've tried the -? or --doc options and it just goes ahead
and builds anyway.

So should I try to get kfw built? Or is there a better approach to
solve my preauthentication problem?

Thanks in advance for your help .. N

Nou Dadoun

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