Hi All,

I am trying to test a linux based device as client using Lonhorn as
KDC. As a starting step, I am trying to setup windows XP and made it
part of the longhorn domain. I am testing ping ( IPSec enabled ) which
will use Kerberos. This is to make sure that pure windows environment
will work fine for Longhorn as KDC. Then I am planning to intruduce my
device to this domain. Problem is I am not able to ping between two XP
systems itself using Longhorn as domain controller. When I make XP part
of the domain, it takes as logn time to come up. Also, when I captured
the packet trace, XP keeps requesting for TGT ( AS-REQ) and longhorn
doens't respond.

Has anybody noticed these issues? Could you please help me ? Will
using Longhorn version above 5384 help ?