In regard to: kerberos server replication, chechu chechu said (at 10:50pm...:

> I didn't get any error untill here but when i did:
> kprop -f /var/Kerberos/krb5kdc/slave_datatrans
>> /dev/null

> i got this error:
> kprop: Connection refused in call to connect while opening connection to

- Is kpropd running on ?

- If you're using tcp wrappers to restrict access to,
do you have an entry in its hosts.allow file for the 'kpropd' service
from ?

Note: I also recommend you don't have your two hosts share principals in
their keytab. The keytab on shinobi shouldn't have host/shogun entries,
and the keytab on shogun shouldn't have host/shinobi entries.

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