If I understand the Java world well enough that would be the basis
for a "type 1" JDBC driver. PG already has a "type 4" (fully native)
driver. I think that would be considered a valid, but undesirable

Thanks for the comment.

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> Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 02:14:04 +0200
> From: "Markus Schaaf"
> Subject: Re: Kerberized DBMS's Available
> To: kerberos@MIT.EDU
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> "Henry B. Hotz" wrote:
>> I'm looking for a DBMS that supports Kerberos for user
>> authentication =

>> and has a JDBC client. It appears that I may have to write the =20
>> support myself, unless someone can add something I haven't been
>> able =20
>> to find out.

>> PostgreSQL -- supports Kerberos directly with the MIT API. No
>> SASL/=20
>> GSSAPI support so Kerberos support doesn't work with the JDBC
>> client, =

>> or on Windows (unless you build against KfW presumably).

> Kerberos authentication from a XP client (using cached AD credentials)
> to a Postgresql server running on NetBSD is working fine here. I use
> ODBC and psql only, so I can't comment on JDBC.

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