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> On Jul 14, 2006, at 17:22, Cy Schubert wrote:
> > Upgrading a testbed here, I'm receiving messages stating "Unable to
> > find
> > requested database type" from krb5kdc and kdb5_util, on a FreeBSD
> > platform.
> > Running truss against applications show that it successfully stats
> >
> > What else should I look at?

> It's likely caused by our plugin code not properly loading the
> module. If it doesn't open the file after the stat call, the likely
> cause is a bug in our configure scripts such that dlopen won't be
> used if the "dl" library isn't found. (We check for dlopen in that
> library, but not for dlopen being available *without* that library.
> If we can't link against that library and find the function, we
> lose. Oops.) This is discussed in
> Display.html?id=3971 .
> If it does try to open it, and fails after that point, it may be
> something new....

Indeed that was the problem. FreeBSD has no libdl, the dl*() functions are in libc. As there is no libdl, the configure scripts didn't bother to check for the existance of the dl*() functions [in libc] and failed quietly at that.

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