I have been googling my brains out on this, and I
apologize in advance if this is in a FAQ,
Archive, etc. I have not come up with the right
question yet to find it.

Anyway, I have setup in a lab Linux Workstations
running mit 1.4-16 (Suse 9.3) clients. They can
connect to a Windows 2003 domain and then use
kpasswd to change their Active Directory
Passwords and all works quite nicely.

However if a person violates one of the password
rules. (Too short, too soon, etc) all they get
is :
Password change rejected

I gather from here:

Enter it again: <- Type it again.

kpasswd: Password is too short while
attempting to change password.
Please choose another password.

that "friendlier" messages can be found and
inserted into the process somehow. That's all I
am looking to do. Further digging seems to
indicate that my salvation may lie somewhere with
the chpass_util.c file in the sources but I just
can't seem to find anything to point me in the
right direction on what I need to do to make
those messages come up in kpasswd.

Thanks in advance.


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