iam a final year undergrad student frm India, iam currently working on my
Btech project which involves performing specific modifications to the
Kerberos protocol to test for performance. In the process of modification we
have added certain new fields to the existing data structure.

We downloaded the krb5-1.3.6 source package frm the MIT distribution site
onto FC3..we made our changes to this source distribution and ran it, but
apparently while all client side changes like encode_kdc_req are
acknowledged( we found this by giving fprintf statements at periodic
intervals)....but all KDC side modifications like in encode_kdc_rep are

Also the code do_as_req.c(krb5-1.3.6/src/kdc/) which handles the as_req
message generated by the kinit command doesnot get executed at all..its like
kerberos is runnin some other procedure on its own

could someone suggest a way to make the kdc programs work

Thank You
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