Hi Ken,
Hope you are doing good.
i am prashant from india, i need your help urgently
and i will be very greatfull to you if you can give
some of your precious time.
i went through this link
and found the issuse similar to what i am facing
i am porting a 32 bit application to 64 bit itanium
on hpux.
intially my programme crashed for libpthread and
after reading the article i added -lc after pthreads.
but after adding -lc i am geeting following msg
Pid 13193 in trap loop, signal 11
Segmentation fault

gdb -c ./core gives

Core was generated by `safetool'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
SEGV_ACCERR - Invalid Permissions for object
#0 0xc000000000059270:1 in UT_strcpy+0x11 () from
(gdb) bt
#0 0xc000000000059270:1 in UT_strcpy+0x11 () from
#1 0xc00000000005ac10:0 in strcpy+0x30 () from
#2 0xc0000000000360c0:0 in _dlopen+0xa60 () from
#3 0xc000000000352530:0 in __dlopen+0x90 () from
#4 0xc000000000352260:0 in dlopen+0x40 () from
#5 0xc00000000005ac10:0 in strcpy+0x30 () from
Please tell me if you hav any suggestion for this
i will be very thankful to you

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