I am getting the above error when I run the kinit command in windows (DOS)
while trying to connect to our Active Directory with the Windows Native
Authentication Service Principal account HTTP/ The full
error is:

c:> kinit HTTP/
password for HTTP/ ********

Exception: krb_error 18 Clients credential have been revoked (18) krb_error
18 Clients credential have been revoked

The little information I have found suggest that it might be a workstation
restriction, or logon attempt outside logon hours, or account disabled,
expired, or locked out. I am not sure if that is my problem, but I had to
drop and recreate that account yesterday. Looking at properties on Active
DIrectory, the user account seems fine. The account is not locked or
anything like that.

Is there are way for me to reinitiate/reactivate that account? Any
suggestions would be grately appreciated.


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