Russ Allbery wrote:

> How to do GSSAPI is part of the Jabber protocol, but is not
> implemented by any of the servers or clients so far as I know.

I've written some patches for Jabberd2 (in their bugzilla - ), and am in the
process of developing client side support for this. The patches replace
jabberd2's own SASL library with Cyrus SASL, with various hooks so that
it doesn't look any different to the administrator of the server. This
means that it's then possible to do GSSAPI over SASL.

I've currently got client patches for Gaim (submitted to the jabber
plugin developer), Psi, Tkabber and Coccinella.

I'd be very interested in speaking to other people who might be
interested in this work, in particular people with Windows
experience/compilation environments.


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