I've a installed kerberos( on a machine having a network interface en0.
my hostname is xyz.com (IP is is base IP .
Now i add an alias name to en0 say abc.com (IP is
In my krb5.conf file
here are my entries:

kdc = abc.com:88
admin_server = abc.ibm.com:749
default_domain = in.zzz.com

Now after this if execute kpasswd say for a principal prashant.
i see :
Unable to change password.
Status 0x96c73a26 - Incorrect net address.
Though my password is changed !!
Ny guess why is it happening.
If i change admin_server =xyz.ibm.com:749...things works fine...
I guess if i specify the fully qualified name of my host corresponding to base IP address in kadmin server things works fine...
pls help me why is it so ?

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