To whom it may concern.

I have Mac (G3) with OS 10.2.8. Operating on a small network (A G4 and two
HP IP printers). I have recently been experiencing what may or may not be
"attacks", on my computer. In the process of looking for embedded spy ware
and other programs I came across a copy of Kerberos version 4.5.26
application located in my Core Services directory.

The application and support items have a creation date of Jan 6, 2003 and a
modification date of January 23, 2005. I reviewed my installation log and
software update log and found no mention of Kerberos nor of any updates or
installations done at either time. I did have a Java and Security update on
December 16th, 2004 and another update in February.

I am just curious if Kerberos is included in the recent Mac security update
downloads? Also I tried opening the application and received a "cannot
locate preferences" and "reinstall the program" message. I assume I can
upgrade from your web site.

I would appreciate any information you could share regarding the appearance
of Kerberos on my machine (I assume that it may have been part of an earlier
update and I must not have noticed). Also could you direct me to the
Kerberos for Mac download/upgrade site.

Thank you in advance for your response.

All the best.

Don Thompson

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