I bet the problem is that KfW is switching to a per-user krb5.ini
instead of using the one you likely have in C:\Windows. Try to copy
your system krb5.ini to c:\documents and settings\user\windows and see
if that helps any when in Terminal Services mode.

"Christian Weiß" wrote:
> Hi,
> we use Kerberos for Windows (newest Version: 3.2.2) on our XP Clients
> for access to our intranet. This also works fine on a W2K3 Server (R2
> Standard or Enterprise Edition with SP2), unless the Terminal
> Services are enabled. If so, the user gets a TGT correctly, but
> doesn't get a Ticket for HTTP when trying to connect to the intranet.
> Acquiring a Ticket manually with "kvno HTTP/$servername" fixes this
> problem. With Terminal Services disabled everything works fine again.
> Our KDC runs on a SuSE SLES 8 machine.
> Is this a known Issue? Does anybody have a solution for me? I didn't
> find anything about this in the list.
> Thanks in advance!
> Christian