> On Fri, 31 Oct 2008, wrote:
>> The v_t_m version could use either the Microsoft SSPI, or the MIT GSSAPI
>> as implemented bi the MIT gssapi32.dll. The new PuTTY only does SSPI so
>> there are some implications if you are trying to use this from a
>> non-windows domain machine. (But runas could be used.)

> That's unfortunate, I wish they would implement both methods.

Please express your concerns to the PuTTY people. A few years ago I tried
to get then to add GSS. They added initial support in the SVN so they are open
to suggestions. The wishlist page:
says: "fixed-in: r8138 2008-08-10". The Audit trail on the wishlist page says:
"We've got this. Perhaps if we say so we can get more pre-release testing."

> I also wish they would implement GSSAPI Key Exchange, to avoid the need to
> maintain host keys on the client. I haven't found any implementation of
> PuTTY that supports both MIT GSSAPI and GSSAPI Key Exchange.

That would be nice.

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