On Fri, 31 Oct 2008, pbh@MIT.EDU wrote:

> Do you know of any distributions that work with KfW that have a version
> of plink that doesn't always open a Windows console window? I know that
> Quest (formerly Vintella?) has a version that does this, but it only
> supports SSPI.
> I want to be able to use svn+ssh from within Eclipse, on a machine that
> is not in a Windows domain, without having the system flash open a large
> number of console windows while I am either checking file out or in.

This is actually pretty easy to fix, if you don't mind compiling your own
version. All you need to do is build a "GUI" version of plink.exe.

By default (at least with the Cygwin build using Makefile.cyg), plink.exe
is built as a "Console" app. In order to prevent the console windows you
see when it's run via Eclipse/TortoiseSVN, you need to use a "GUI"

These instructions are for compiling via Cygwin, but I'm guessing there
must be a similar approach for the other methods:

- go to the "windows" subdir of the source
- edit Makefile.cyg
- change the "all:" target and add "plinkgui.exe" just after "plink.exe"
- make a copy of the "plink.exe" target dependency/build lines
- change the target of the copy to "plinkgui.exe"
- add "-mwindows" just after $(CC) in the plinkgui.exe build line
- run make

You should end up with both "plink.exe" and "plinkgui.exe". plink.exe
will be a "Console" app and "plinkgui.exe" will be a "GUI" app. The GUI
version will not display the console windows.

If you're trying to debug a problem you probably want to use "plink.exe",
but as long as everything is working and you just want to prevent the
console windows, use "plinkgui.exe".